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Пол Мужcкой пол
Имя Robin
Дата рождения .01.1985   (Возраст: 39)
Зодиак Козерог
Hi. Thank you for visiting my profile. My nick name is Robin. Was born in Delhi, INDIA in 1985. I have a Bachelors degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. For last 8 years, I am working as a Full-time Technical consultant in Renewable Energy Sector. Previously i was working with a multinational firm based in Austria, Vienna and was a part of their INDIA office.

I also own a small trading business of Engineering Equipment and we export also. By God’s grace, I own a house, a car and have a handsome annual income.

We are a small and a religious family based in Delhi region of INDIA. Ours is a close knit family.

I was married previously for 6 years and have a 2 years old baby from my previous marriage. The child is presently not living with me but i have meeting rights to the child. I am undergoing the legal process of divorce and the same is expected to completed legally very soon by Mid of this year 2023.

I am looking for a loyal, loving, caring, decent girl / lady from a good family background. Education is also very essential but more important are the human values like kindness and compassion.

Spiritual inclination is also very important part and must have faith in the almighty. I am a strict vegetarian and would also like my partner to be vegetarian. Eggetarians can also contact but strictly NO to Non-Vegetarians.
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