Духовные знакомства: Елена Елена, 60, , Санкт-Петербург
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Username shtohinya
Gender Female
Name of the user Елена
Surname of the user Елена
Date of birth .11.1957   (Age: 60)
Zodiac sign Scorpion

City Санкт-Петербург

About myself Живу, дышу любовью. Духовно развиваюсь. Талантливая, скромная. Люблю заниматься творчеством (живопись, вязание, приготовление пищи). Нравится людям приносить радость.
Ищу человека духовного, способного любить и быть любимым. Ответственного и самодостаточного от 50-65 л.

I live , breathe love . I develop spiritually . Talented , humble . I like to engage in creative activities (painting , knitting , cooking ) . I like to bring joy to people .
I am a spiritual person , able to love and be loved . Responsible and self-sufficient from 50-65 liters .
At free time * In the park or forest
Smoking No, I never smoked
Alcohol No and never did
Meat products No, I am a Vegitarian
Cows milk I drink

Interests * Spiritual literature and communication, * Psychology, * Arts (drawing, painting, sculpture), * Photography / Video, * Cooking / Dining, * Vegetarianism, * Raw food diet, * Fasting, * Alternative medicine- Ayurveda, herbs, oils, etc., * Sport for health (running, excersizes), * Travelling, * Nature (observing, bird feeding, relaxing, etc.), * Natural living (Ecological community settlements), * Sea life (living near, sailing, diving etc.), * Animals, * Flowers, * Gardens
Authors Духовная литература

Religious background CHRISTIANITY
Spiritual education I know a little, read some literature
Prayer I pray enough
Person of other faith? Yes, if the person is nice and respectful
Pagan religions
Slavic-European Vedas / Paleo-Paganism
Hinduism Vishnuism & Vaishnav sampradayas, Smartism (Vishnu Shiva Ganesha Shakti)
Protestant, Eastern Orthodox
Other religions Esotericism / New Age

Here for Spiritual help in family union
Intimacy It`s an important area of life

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- privileged users -
For details, write to the administrator.

Maximal allowed age: 65
Seeking family status Single / Unmarried, Divorced, Widow
Searching with children
No children, One child, Two children, Three chldren, More then three children
Seeking country Greece, Russia, Croatia
Seeking level of education College, University, Two or more Universities, Masters degree, Doctor
Seeking smoking preference No, I never smoked, No, I stopped smoking, Yes, I smoke but seldomly
Seeking alcohol preference No and never did, No, I stopped drinking, Yes, I drink but seldomly
Searching vegetarian or not
No, I am a Vegitarian, Yes, only fish and eggs, Yes, except cows meat
Seeking milk preference I drink, I drink but seldomly, I don`t drink (it does not digest)
Seeking intimacy preferences It`s an important area of life
Searching religion
Seeking spiritual education I Don`t know much, I know a little, read some literature, I know enough, I know a lot, studied a lot of literature, Deep understanding in culture and scriptures, spiritual realizations
Seeking gender Male
Seeking age 50 - 65
Seeking height Less than 4.75ft / 145sm - More than 6.88ft / 210sm
Seeking weight Less than 88pd / 40kg - More than 330pd / 150kg

Registered on 25.09.2016
Last access 06.10.2016
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