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Марина, 35, Алматы. (Profile 19039)

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Gender Female
Name Марина
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Date of birth .02.1985   (Age: 35)
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Nakshatra Rohini-Snake-Manushya-Kapha
Country Kazakhstan
City Алматы
Nationalities Русская
Family status Single / Unmarried
Children No children
Education University
Income Less than 1 000$
Work Торговля
Known languages Russian
Добрый день, хочу встретить человека с ценностями семьи как у меня, с поддержкой друг другом, заботой о друг друге, желанием вместе создавать семью, вместе любите вместе растить всё делать вместе самое главное уважать друг друга.
At free time * In a nice and quiet place
Smoking No, I never smoked
Alcohol Yes, I drink but seldomly
Meat products Yes, except cows meat
Cows milk I drink
Interests * Temple visiting, * Astrology, * Vastu shastra (Fen shui), * Yoga for Health (excersizes, asanas & "hatha yoga"), * Music / Movies, * Forbidden (Silenced) History / Archeology, * Culture & History of the Slavic / European peoples, * Culture contemporary (fashion, pop-stars, etc.), * Crafts / Home improvement, * Arts (museums, theaters, exhibitions), * Photography / Video, * Cooking / Dining, * Vegetarianism, * Alternative diet (raw food, vegan etc. , * Fasting, * Dancing (professionally or lessons), * Hunting / Fishing, * Technics / Computers / Electronics, * Sport for health (running, excersizes), * Nature (observing, bird feeding, relaxing, etc.), * Natural living (Ecological community settlements), * Sea life (living near, sailing, diving etc.), * Animals, * Flowers, * Gardens, * Games (board, computer, etc.)
Movies Нет предпочтений, всё кроме фильмов с насилием
Music Классическая музыка, инструментальная музыка, народная музыка, песни и музыка со смыслом
Authors Обязательные предметы классической русской литературы
Religious background CHRISTIANITY
Spiritual education I know a little, read some literature
Prayer / Meditation Sometimes
Person of other faith? Yes, if the person is nice and respectful
Pagan religions
Slavic-European Vedas / Paleo-Paganism
Eastern Orthodox
Height 5.74ft / 175sm
Weight 231pd / 105kg
Natural hair color Blonde
Natural eye color Grey
Blood type Type4- (AB-)
Here for Marriage, birth and education of children, Creating a family in wealth and material prosperity, Intelligent communication with educated people
Type of family realtions * The husband works and provides for the family, the wife works around the house and takes care of her husband
, * Both have equal rights in the family and equal duties
Priority Family
Willingness to have children I want more than one child
I have: * Higher education, * Lovely, kind character
Intimacy It`s an integral part of healthy, happy relationship
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Maximal allowed age: 40
Seeking family status Single / Unmarried
Searching with children
No children
Seeking country Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia
Seeking smoking preference No, I never smoked, No, I stopped smoking, Yes, I smoke but seldomly
Seeking alcohol preference No and never did, Yes, I drink but seldomly
Searching vegetarian or not
Yes, except cows meat, Yes I eat meat
Searching by priority in life Spiritual life, Family, Work / Career, Recreation / Travel, Friends / Communication / Society
Searching by the preference to have children I want one child, I want more than one child
Seeking by intimacy preferences It`s an integral part of healthy, happy relationship
Seeking gender Male
Seeking age 30 - 40
Seeking height Less than 4.75ft / 145sm - More than 6.88ft / 210sm
Seeking weight Less than 88pd / 40kg - More than 330pd / 150kg
Registered on 10.11.2019
Last access 13.11.2019
User type Registered user
User online status Offline
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