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Татьяна, 65, Тамбов, Псков. (Profile 15379)

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Gender Female
Name Татьяна
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Date of birth .12.1956   (Age: 65)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Country Russia
City Тамбов, Псков
Nationalities Русская
Family status Divorced
Children No children
Education University
Меня зовут Зотова Татьяна. Мне 61 год. Работаю на птицефабрике начальником цеха инкубации. Бывший муж и дочь оставили свое тело в автокатастрофе в 2004году. С тех пор живу одна. В 2017г занялась йогой. Хочу найти мужчину близкого по духу. По возможности что бы он выступил для меня в роли наставника.
At free time * No matter how, as long as I am able to serve the Lord and the people
Smoking No, I never smoked
Alcohol No and never did
Meat products No, I do not
Cows milk I drink but seldomly
Interests * Spiritual literature and communication, * Temple visiting, * Teosophy / Esoteric knowledge / New age, * Yoga for Health (excersizes, asanas & "hatha yoga"), * Pranayama (Tsigun), * Music / Movies, * Travelling, * Nature (observing, bird feeding, relaxing, etc.)
Religious background CHRISTIANITY
Prayer / Meditation Yes I do
Person of other faith? Yes, if the person is nice and respectful
Pagan religions
Slavic-European Vedas / Paleo-Paganism
Other religions Esotericism / New Age
Height 5.11ft / 156sm
Weight 187pd / 85kg
Natural hair color Brown
Natural eye color Amber
Blood type Type3+ (B+)
Health issues Здорова
Here for Intelligent communication with educated people, For friendship and dating
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Maximal allowed age: 60
Seeking family status Single / Unmarried, Divorced, Widow
Seeking level of education University
Seeking smoking preference No, I never smoked, No, I stopped smoking
Seeking alcohol preference No and never did
Searching vegetarian or not
No, I do not
Searching religion
Seeking spiritual education I know a lot, studied a lot of literature, Deep understanding in culture and scriptures, spiritual realizations
Seeking gender Male
Seeking age 14 - 60
Seeking height Less than 4.75ft / 145sm - More than 6.88ft / 210sm
Seeking weight Less than 88pd / 40kg - More than 330pd / 150kg
Registered on 22.04.2018
Last access 22.04.2018
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User online status Offline
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