Интеллектуальные знакомства: Геннадий Ариец, 52, , Одинцово
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Username (login) Геннадий
Gender Male
Name Геннадий
Surname or spiritual name Ариец
Date of birth .04.1966   (Age: 52)
Zodiac sign Aries

City Одинцово
Nationalities Русский
Family status Single / Unmarried
Children No children
Education Two or more Universities
Income Around 2 000$ per year

About myself I speak Russian only. Я желаю всем счастья! Хочу познакомиться с девушкой для создания семьи . Добрую , милую , верную ...
At free time * No matter how, as long as I am able to serve the Lord and the people
Smoking No, I never smoked
Alcohol Yes, I drink but seldomly
Meat products Yes, only fish and eggs
Cows milk I drink

Interests * Spiritual literature and communication, * Temple visiting, * Teaching, discussions and distribution of spiritual knowledge, * Psychology, * Philosophy, * Teosophy / Esoteric knowledge / New age, * Kosmology / Ufology, * Astrology, * Yoga for Health (excersizes, asanas & "hatha yoga"), * Yoga for Spiritual Progress (no excersises or asanas)
Movies Миронов Папанов
Music Советская
Authors Джек Лондон , Конан-Дойль , Пушкин

Religious background PAGANISM
Spiritual education I know a little, read some literature
Prayer / Meditation Yes, often enough
Person of other faith? Yes, if the person is nice and respectful
Pagan religions
Slavic-European Vedas / Paleo-Paganism, Rodnoverie- Slavic Paganism

Height 5.70ft / 174sm
Weight 191pd / 87kg
Natural hair color Blonde
Natural eye color Greyish-Green
Blood type Type2+ (A+)
Health issues здоров

Here for Spiritual help in family union, Marriage, birth and education of children, Creating a family in wealth and material prosperity, Intelligent communication with educated people, For friendship and dating
Intimacy It`s an important area of life

Maximal allowed age: 40
Seeking family status Virgin, Single / Unmarried, In relationship
Searching with children
No children, One child
Seeking country Russia
Seeking smoking preference No, I never smoked, No, I stopped smoking, Yes, I smoke but seldomly
Seeking alcohol preference No and never did, No, I stopped drinking, Yes, I drink but seldomly
Searching vegetarian or not
No, I do not, Yes, only fish and eggs, Yes, except cows meat, Yes I eat meat
Seeking by milk preference I drink, I drink but seldomly, I don`t drink (it does not digest)
Seeking by intimacy preferences It`s only for conceiving children, It`s not that important, It`s an important area of life, It`s an integral part of healthy, happy relationship
Searching religion
Seeking gender Female
Seeking age 28 - 40
Seeking height 5.08ft / 155sm - 5.67ft / 173sm
Seeking weight 127pd / 58kg - 176pd / 80kg
Seeking natural hair color Red, Auburn
Seeking natural eyes color Blue, Grey, Green, Brown, Amber
Searching blood type
Type1+ (O+), Type1- (O-), Type2+ (A+), Type2- (A-)

Registered on 22.11.2014
Last access 25.11.2014
User type Registered user
User online status Offline
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