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Gender Male
Name Владимир
Date of birth .02.1988   (Age: 32)
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Country Ukraine
City Винница
Family status Single / Unmarried
Children No children
Education College
Work Уволился
Known languages Russian, Ukrainian
Родовые поместья
At free time
Smoking No, I never smoked
Alcohol No and never did
Interests * Psychology, * Culture & History of the Slavic / European peoples, * Crafts / Home improvement, * Alternative diet (raw food, vegan etc. , * Fasting, * Alternative medicine- Ayurveda, herbs, oils, etc., * Minimalism, * Sport for health (running, excersizes), * Natural living (Ecological community settlements), * Animals, * Flowers, * Gardens
Movies Мирный воин
Music Со смыслом
Authors Владимир Мегре
Person of other faith? Yes, if the person is nice and respectful
Height 6.23ft / 190sm
Weight 253pd / 115kg
Natural hair color Brown
Natural eye color Grey
Blood type Type2+ (A+)
Here for Spiritual help in family union, Marriage, birth and education of children
Type of family realtions * What`s important is love and understanding, everything else not important!
Priority Sports / Health / Development
Willingness to have children I want more than one child
I have: * Oh, you do not know me! Read what I write about myself.
Intimacy It`s only for conceiving children
Maximal allowed age: 31
Potential spouse must have: * Lovely, kind character
Seeking family status Virgin, Single / Unmarried
Searching with children
No children
Seeking country Belarus, Russia, Ukraine
Seeking smoking preference No, I never smoked
Seeking alcohol preference No and never did
Searching vegetarian or not
No, I do not
Searching by priority in life Spiritual life, Family, Creativity, Friends / Communication / Society, Sports / Health / Development
Searching by the preference to have children I want more than one child
Seeking by intimacy preferences It`s only for conceiving children
Seeking gender Female
Seeking age 17 - 31
Seeking height 5.47ft / 167sm - More than 6.88ft / 210sm
Seeking weight Less than 88pd / 40kg - More than 330pd / 150kg
Registered on 06.02.2020
Last access Today, 13:03:14
User type Registered user
User online status Offline
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