Духовные знакомства: Александр , 35, Russia, Волгоград
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Username khmelina
Gender Male
Name of the user Александр
Date of birth .05.1983   (Age: 35)
Zodiac sign Taurus
Nakshatra Pushya-Ram-Deva-Pitta

Country Russia
City Волгоград
Nationalities Русский
Family status Divorced
Education University

About myself Я изучаю веды, Джйотиш и Ведическую культуру в целом. Работаю в сфере здравоохранения. Стараюсь соблюсти баланс духовного и материального. Ученик школы альтернативной восточной психологии. Хочется простых и возвышенных отношений. Чтобы общая цель нас вдохновляла на преодоление трудностей.
At free time * In a nice and quiet place
Smoking No, I never smoked
Alcohol No and never did
Meat products No, I am a Vegitarian
Cows milk I don`t drink (it does not digest)

Interests * Spiritual literature and communication, * Temple visiting, * Teaching, discussions and distribution of spiritual knowledge, * Psychology, * Philosophy, * Kosmology / Ufology, * Astrology, * Vastu shastra (Fen shui), * Yoga for Health (excersizes, asanas & "hatha yoga"), * Yoga for Spiritual Progress (no excersises or asanas), * Pranayama (Tsigun), * Music / Singing (professionally or lessons), * Music / Movies, * Cooking / Dining, * Vegetarianism, * Raw food diet, * Fasting, * Alternative medicine- Reiki, Homeopathy & Bio-energetic influences, * Alternative medicine- Ayurveda, herbs, oils, etc., * Technics / Computers / Electronics, * Fast ride (cars or motorcycles), * Sex health
Movies Любые фильмы возвышающие наше сознание
Music Алексей Чумаков,Киртаны,Баджаны
Authors Шрила Прабхупада, Лазарев, Вадим Тунеев, Александр Хакимов

Religious background PAGANISM
Spiritual education I know enough
Person of other faith? Yes, if the person is nice and respectful
Pagan religions
Rodnoverie- Slavic Paganism
Hinduism Vishnuism & Vaishnav sampradayas
Eastern Orthodox

Height 6.13ft / 187sm
Weight 231pd / 105kg
Natural eye color Blue
Blood type Type4+ (AB+)
Health Здоров

Here for Spiritual help in family union, Marriage, birth and education of children, Creating a family in wealth and material prosperity
Intimacy It`s an integral part of healthy, happy relationship

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Maximal allowed age: 40
Seeking family status Single / Unmarried, Divorced
Searching with children
No children, One child, Two children, Three chldren, More then three children
Seeking country Russia
Seeking smoking preference No, I never smoked, No, I stopped smoking
Seeking alcohol preference No and never did, No, I stopped drinking
Searching vegetarian or not
No, I am a Vegitarian
Seeking milk preference I drink but seldomly, I don`t drink (it does not digest)
Seeking intimacy preferences It`s not that important, It`s an important area of life, It`s an integral part of healthy, happy relationship
Seeking gender Female
Seeking age 25 - 40
Seeking height Less than 4.75ft / 145sm - More than 6.88ft / 210sm
Seeking weight Less than 88pd / 40kg - More than 330pd / 150kg

Registered on 12.11.2017
Last access 19.03.2018
User type Registered user
User online status Offline
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